Tanzania is one of my favorite countries. Here I have met so many people who are now my friends. It is in Tanzania that I see slow but steady progress. Here I have seen efforts deployed by young men and women to learn and to empower themselves, to care for the environment and to work the land with bare hands if that’s what they need to improve their lives. I have seen the ingenuity of their workers, the integrity of middle level leaders. How many stories you can write about Tanzanians, those living in cities and those living in rural areas.

I love nature in Tanzania and Zanzibar. I love Tanzanian generosity when they receive refugees from neighboring countries. 

I loved Dar es Salaam even in its darkest day. Driving through the jungle to reach Mount Kilimanjaro from the south, to visit Lake Victoria and Lake Tanganyika, to learn all about the fauna and flora of the country give me enough  meaning for a lifetime.