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The New Vietnamese – English Dictionary

– This is an advanced Vietnamese dictionary with English definitions, compiled with the enrichment of the Vietnamese language in mind. This dictionary lists words and expressions used by Vietnamese throughout […]

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A Lifetime in the Eye of the Storm

– History is colored by the nation that is recording it. In America, the Vietnam War was chronicled in the newspapers and on television. The heart breaking stories we heard […]

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Journeys into Darkness and Light

– Born in Vietnam in 1935, André Nguyễn Văn Châu grew up in the midst of wars; enduring intense emotions ranging between hopes and disappointment to joys and sorrows. Many […]

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Night and Day

– After successfully launching “Journeys into Darkness and Light” a collection of short stories in April 2015, André Nguyễn Văn Châu penned three longer fiction works included within “Night and […]

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