My love for Africa

Africa has attracted me since my childhood. I have traveled to more places in Africa that I can count. I have traveled with friends to Egypt, Ethiopia. I have made hundreds of friends in Tanzania. I have studied on site the issues of the day in South Africa, Mozambique, Ruanda, Burundi, the Congo. I have sent my friends to assist people in Mauritania, Senegal, the Chad, Niger. I have discussed with leaders of Sudan. I have visited refugees and migrants all over the African continent. I have made friends and also enemies among African leaders. I have attended peace talks and shared hopes with those who wished the best for a variety of situation.

I have observed with awe and horror what happened when hatred defeated peace-makers.

People talk about corruption, vices, few have seen as eye-witnesses, what I have seen.

Yet, the smiles of African children, or their tears, the pain you read in the eyes of African women, their endurance, their determination, haunt you for a lifetime.

I write about Africa because I believe that in Africans, no matter what. I have learned t love them as much I have love my countrymen and women.

I want to continue to write about Africa and Africans until the end of my life.

Please visit Africa. Visit it as frequently as you can. Stay there as long as you can.